I must admit that videos have taken over the biggest portion of online content in our current world. You will actually be surprised how the videos industry is growing at an alarming rate. After all, most of you would fancy watching a video of your favourite cooking show than read through long troublesome recipes. This has given the upcoming video creators, entrepreneurs as well as video bloggers the perfect way to reach out to their audience. If would prefer to go the videos way, then, this article is at your best interest!

This article will be aimed at giving you an in-depth review of what Viddyoze really is, the size of the Viddyoze in the market, insight about the company, how it works, features of the latest version as well as what to expect from the version about to be launched.


Basically, Viddyoze is an online platform which comes with amazing features for creating quality videos with a professional outlook at the click of your computer. Unlike most video makers, Viddyoze is cloud based which is actually an advantage because it saves you all the trouble of installing sophisticated software in your PC.

Currently, Viddyoze has an average of about 7500 users who are actively involved from across the globe. This numbers have produced about 1 Million vitalized videos which are in circulation. This platform is still growing rapidly and who knows, it might take over all other video makers in the market!

Just like most companies, Viddyoze too has a background check on how it came to be and the founders behind the whole package of technology. The first ever version of Viddyoze was created in 2015 by three tech gurus from the United Kingdom. Since then, the team has grown to about 35 members in place to cater for the rapidly growing user-base.

How it works

For you to get your videos outstand among others in the web today, all you need to do is incorporate some cutting edge technology to your video making routines. Viddyoze is just the perfect web-based platform that will help you realize your dreams. All you need to do is sign up at the platform before anything else. Here, you will be offered either the commercial or personal Viddyoze. You just have to choose the best suited for you depending on your budget and preference.

There is a very clear line that distinguishes between the commercial and the personal Viddyoze where the Commercial package definitely is on the winning side. This is because it offers unlimited access to Video Renders monthly as well as unlimited rights of usage either on clientele based videos or personal videos. This is way better compared to the personal package where you are limited to only 30 Video Renders Monthly besides the unlimited rights of usage per month on personal videos only.

The platform has a variety of features to enable users to come up with 3D videos on customizable templates. Such features include but are not limited to; outros, intros, Social actions among others. In addition to that, there is always an option of adjusting the tittle, background colours or inclusive texts.

Viddyoze possesses a large library of videos pictures and others

Considering that the Viddyoze has been in the market since the year 2015, there have been a lot of improvements made on the platform since then. We are going to look at the features of the latest version 2.0 in comparison to the other competing video making platforms. More to that, we will look at what users are expecting in the version 3.0 which will be launched very soon. All you have to do is buckle up and let us sail through this whole generation of technology.

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An Overview of Viddyoze 2.0

Being among the big leagues in the video making industry, Viddyoze assures its users of providing the best features for making top notch videos. For you to achieve all this, you do not have to overspend on your credit card to get the best services. This is because Viddyoze is you best Video making partner.

Besides capturing the attention of your audience, the latest version 2.0 gives you an end product that will leave your viewers craving for more. This version has the following features;

  • High quality studio grade animation up to 1080p right from you PC
  • Dynamic introductions to the videos which outdo most video makers in the market
  • Social linking which builds on your social media following too
  • Text addition to your videos
  • Video transitions with amazing effects
  • Attractive videos that capture the attention of any viewer
  • Watermarks and call to action transparent overlays which can be added with less effort

The Viddyoze is always outstanding among other video makers in the market. This is because they care about the satisfaction of their clients in general. The following is what makes it different and even better; a great choice.

What Makes Viddyoze Outstand among its Competitors?

  1. Flexibility

Viddyoze is easy to use compare to other softwares

viddyoze sign up

Never thought there was such a simple and flexible video making platform until I used the Viddyoze. Having 92 in built templates, this platform gives you the flexibility you desire. In addition to that, there is a great combination of texts, images and colours in line with the templates which enable you to come up with an amazing video.

  1. Efficiency and High Speeds

The Viddyoze runs perfectly on a web-based platform. This means that your video is exposed to some of the best graphics for designing videos in a shorter time than other competing video makers which are app-based. The Viddyoze not only gives you high speeds but also blistering speeds that is unmatched. In that case, on average you can make it to 10 animated videos in less than 30 minutes. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such efficiency?

  1. Web-Based Platform

Viddyoze is based online which means that it is cloud based. With this platform you do not have to download and install expensive sophisticated software just to get access to the features. With the online platform, you can log in with to your Viddyoze at any time anywhere and create the videos.

  1. High Quality Videos

With Viddyoze, you are assured of high quality videos of up to 1080p. With this kind of quality at the moment we can only imagine what the future versions have in stock for its users.

At the moment, Viddyoze is one of the best video making platforms in the market. Users are hoping for the best from the upcoming version 3.0 that will be launched very soon. In that case, we will look at some features of the Upgraded version 3.0.

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Features of the Viddyoze Version 3.0

Viddyoze 3.0 comes with amazing real live videos

  1. Live-Action Animations

This is actually one of the best features that will be in the version 3.0. The feature is actually exclusive to the Viddyoze platform. Even with some top notch software like the Adobe After Effects, it’s not yet possible to do the Live-action animations.

This feature adds your logo and texts to your video with real actors and models to match. This helps any video maker to always be in the front line in the Video Making industry while still on a lower budget than others.

  1. Animated Transitions

The seamless transitions ensure that you can perfectly create a link between two scenes. This depicts the sense of professionalism in your video. There is always the need for a harmonious flow in the presentation of your work. This way, your ideas look more organized as they are relayed progressively. What more would you need to make it to the next level?

  1. Polished Intros and Outros

The Viddyoze provides its users with customizable templates to make eye-catching intros and outros. The user always has endless possibilities of how well they can design the videos. This includes how to introduce the video to the audience as well as how to make a noble exit that leaves the viewers looking for more videos from your social media pages.

  1. Call to Actions

With Viddyoze, unlike other competing video making software and platforms, you will enjoy the benefit of Call to Actions for social media. The platform offers features which help the video makers to include their social media platforms. The presentation is done is a noble and interesting way. You will therefore be able to increase your followers hence the popularity of your video shares worldwide.

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  1. The Lower thirds

By lower thirds, I’m talking about the templates which will add a soft feel of professionalism to all your videos. Right from the introduction, to the tittles and scene transitions the well-designed templates, it will always give your videos the desired presentation. After all, it is the outlook that will entice the audience to look forward to the content aligned inside.

  1. Alpha Tech.

This is one feature that is exclusively designed for the Viddyoze platform. You will not come across any other platform that offers such cutting edge technology. This way, you are exposed to the best features which you can comfortably add to your video, thanks to the transparency of their technology.

  1. Filters

Besides all the elements and features offered by the Viddyoze, it has amazing movie filters which will definitely spice up your videos. This way your videos will be appealing in the eyes of your audience and they will always be looking forward to seeing your next release.

  1. Template Club

At Viddyoze, you can enrol as part of the Template club where you will be expected to pay about $37 per month or $47 yearly. With this subscription you can access over seven hundred templates which are exclusively designed for the club members. More to that, every month there are additional 15 templates for the new members.

viddyoze upsells

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  1. Money-Back Guarantee

At Viddyoze, each member is always assured of the Money-back Guarantee within 30 days. This happens if you are not satisfied with the purchase or rather if the platform is not as you expected. This is a great way of instilling trust in the future customers as well as show that the company is confident with the services they offer.

  • Cloud-Based Platform

I bet we have said earlier that Viddyoze is fully cloud-based. In simpler terms, this means that you don not necessarily need to purchase and install expensive software to be able to access features to make the Studio-like Videos. The fact that you have the platform online means that you could actually access you video-making tools from any available device.

viddyoze club


All in all, there are still a few things that will make Viddyoze clients happier if they make improvements on them. Some of those user-oriented complaints include;

  • The fact that the platform is still new to the industry, it’s without doubt that they do not have a wide variety of templates. As much as more templates are inclusive with the Template club, the users have to pay $37 monthly or $47 yearly to enjoy the full package.
  • As much as the Money back guarantee within 30 days might be a good idea, not everyone would be willing to use their credit card without having a trail of the platform first. In that case, users would be happier if the platform offered a free trial to let them see how the platform works first.
  • Others have complained about the speed of video processing. A much higher speed would be convenient to make large videos without any glitches.

With this review of the Viddyoze, you can see that this company has come a long way in just 3 years. This shows that its future might be greater than anyone expects if they improve on a few things that their clients have complained about.


Besides that, the platform helps video makers to come up with amazing videos with the best outlook within a very short period of time. This is a prospect threat to the like of Adobe in the near future. It might actually take over the Video Making Industry. The Newest version 3.0 will be launched in May 1st 2018. If your main aim is taking your skills to the next level, be sure to include this special date in your diary or rather reminder.
Definitely the best adobe after effects alternative and its mandatory and expensive software installation.

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